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MI SMiles Dental Group at a glance
Commitment to Exceptional Practice Growth.

Dr. Bradley Dykstra, the founder of MI Smiles Dental Group, has a simple vision: to provide stable dental homes for patients, team members, and doctors. For over 40 years he has been putting this vision to work and credits a lot of its success to a people-centric methodology. By investing in continuing education, personal and professional development, and the close mentoring of new dentists, Dr. Dykstra has been able to nurture an exceptional level of patient care for all who walk through the doors of an affiliated practice.

MI Smiles Dental Group’s sole mission and purpose has been and will always be fostering consistent growth for its affiliated practices. All of this progress is built on cultivating winning relationships with dentists. MI Smiles Dental Group takes the necessary, but often cumbersome administrative and business duties off of dentists, allowing them to focus on their patients. MI Smiles Dental Group’s seasoned professionals provide the tools for success to transform your practice into the “Best Team In Town.”

At MI Smiles Dental Group our culture revolves around transforming practices into the “Best Team in Town.”

“To give people a better quality of life, the ability to smile with confidence, and enable them to have better overall health by improving their oral health.”


We Are Ethical, We Are Engaged, We Are A Systems-Based Office, We Are Team Players, We Always Act For The Greater Good, We Are Positive People, We Understand And Practice Stewardship, and We Are Results-Oriented.


In 1978, Dr. Bradley Dykstra set his roots in Hudsonville, MI after deciding to start his own practice, Hudsonville Dental. Fast forward 40 years and those roots have grown deep. Dr. Dykstra has such a strong passion for the community he serves and is committed to providing it with the best care possible.

Hudsonville, MI Dentist

Dr. Bradley Dykstra, the founder of MI Smiles Dental Group, has always been driven by providing as many people & employees with stable dental homes as he can. In 2012 he brought this mission to Grand Rapids by adding Contemporary Family Dental to the MI Smiles Dental Group family.

MI Smiles Dental Group saw a huge need for Pediatric Dentistry in the West Michigan area. In 2015 the doors opened to Hudsonville Dental Kids to deliver comprehensive, accessible, coordinated oral health care in a nurturing, child-centered dental office.

With thirty thousand smiles transformed in the West Michigan area, MI Smiles Dental Group and it’s founder, Dr. Bradley Dykstra, we’re confident they could do more. In 2015 they added Grand Haven Smiles to the MI Smiles Dental Group family.

In 2019, a local practice was sadly on the brink of closing its doors after the loss of the founding dentist. MI Smiles Dental Group helped the office remain open and continue caring for its patients and community.

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Our team was so excited to bring this location into the MI Smiles Dental family. The founding dentist wanted to continue to grow and provide exceptional patient care with the support of our experienced team.

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The previous owner of this office was looking for the right team to help him transition to retirement while continuing to provide his patients with best-in-class care.

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Due to a medical complication, the previous owner was unfortunately unable to practice dentistry. He was looking for a trusted team to continue providing his patients with the expert care they grew to know. We were happy to come in and deliver just that!

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the future of mi smiles dental group

MI Smiles Dental Group has been rapidly growing for the last 40 years and it isn’t stopping any time soon. We plan to continue this growth, adding to our expanding family of practices in West Michigan. Our vision to become “The Best Team in Town” is quickly becoming a reality.

If you are interested in affiliating with us, please feel free to reach out!


Our MI Smiles Dental Group leadership team is comprised of industry experts in their respective fields. Together they are creating “The Best Team in Town.”

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Anetta Winston
Delivery Leader
Dr. Bradley Dykstra
Dr. Bradley Dykstra
Founder & Chief Clinical Officer
Dr. Brian Yared
Dr. Brian Yared
Owner Doctor
Dr. Joshua Peiffer
Dr. Joshua Peiffer
Owner Doctor
Dr. Jeremy Schell (1)
Dr. Jeremy Schell
Owner Doctor
Laura Rogers
Laura Rogers
Director of Marketing & Finance
Liliana Humphrey
Director of Administrative Services
Carrie Aguilar
Regional Operations Director
Kaitlyn Sherburn
Director of Training & Development
Jason Piotrowski
Team Lead of Hygiene
Ryan Billman
Marketing Specialist
National Vendor Contracts
MI Smiles Dental Group equips its practices with a broad network of vendors for supplies, equipment, laboratory services, and information systems.
Collaboration With Industry Leaders
MI Smiles Dental Group's affiliate practices benefit from their strong relationship with dental industry leaders from around the country.
Education & Training Coordination
MI Smiles Dental Group is a strong believer in investing in the team. They host regular training with their practices and teams, often flying industry-leading speakers in to share their expertise on a number of topics.
FOCUS ON PATIENTs, WE will take care of the rest.
MI Smiles Dental Group will take the weight off your shoulders so you can focus more on being the best dentist for your patients.